Privacy Policy was last updated on May 7, 2019


BeinNUTRI® is a Vietnam Cosmetics brand. We respect the privacy of our customers and visitors. Therefore, BeinNUTRI® is committed to complying with all provisions of this policy.

Our privacy policy describes the types of information we collect when you visit this website (https: // beinnutri. com /) and the collection, use, maintenance, and privacy of our customers’ personal information. Including:

  1. Purpose of collecting personal information
  2. Scope of use of information
  3. Time of storage of information
  4. People or organizations may have access to that information
  5. Information processing, including ways to contact consumers to ask about their collection and processing of information related to them personally
  6. Methods and tools for consumers to access and edit their information
  7. The mechanism of receiving and resolving consumer complaints regarding the use of personal information for the wrong purpose or scope. notification.

We collect visitor information through the following systems:

  1. On the website
  2. Buy E-mail, text and electronic messages that you register on this website
  3. Through the application for for mobile and desktop that you download – where you can interact without opening this website in your browser.
  4. When you interact with our ads and apps on the web and 3rd party services.
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