Blood Sugar Cinnamon

BeinNUTRI blood sugar cinnamon helps users naturally reduce blood sugar levels due to the ability to simulate insulin. That is, it has an active substance that mimics the insulin function of the pancreas gland. When ingested, it is absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract, then gradually converts blood sugar into energy, nourishing cells. After a 2-to-40-day course of use, users began to see markedly reduced blood sugar levels.

With this feature, BeinNUTRI blood sugar cinnamon along with the pancreas gland digests the sugar in the body. Different from users who use insulin by injection to reduce blood sugar, it often leads to risks such as:

  • Immediate hypoglycemia, causing hypoglycemia such as: Dizziness, heart palpitations, hangove…
  • Impaired insulin production function of the pancreas gland. Because the body is supplied insulin directly through the bloodstream, it increasingly depends on the amount of supplements from the outside, for a long time leading to impaired insulin production function.
  • Increase the rate of liver failure by 3 times if using insulin in the early stages of the disease (in the opinion of Dr. Ta Van Binh)

The insulin simulation property of BeinNUTRI blood sugar cinnamon is due to the development of a formula based on the “Original work” of the Needs and Functional Nutrition Laboratory, Child Nutrition Research Center Beltsville people. Copyright 2003 belongs to the American Diabetes Association.

The results of this study show that: “The average fasting glucose decreased by 18-29%, triglyceride cholesterol decreased by 23-30%, LDL cholesterol.” 7-27% reduction and total cholesterol 1226%. The change in HDL cholesterol was negligible. ”When type 2 diabetics were given products with active ingredients from plants within 40 days.

BeinNUTRI blood sugar cinnamon is a brand of BEIN that is an export product. to Europe, USA and Korea market. At the end of 2018, BEIN started to register to officially develop this brand in Vietnam market.

  • Ingredients according to ORGANIC USDA standards

    BeinNUTRI® blood sugar cinnamon uses ingredients that are certified to the US Organic USDA certificate.

    The Organic USDA certificate is the US Department of Agriculture’s Organic product certification. Certified organic agricultural products must be grown, stored and processed in the absence of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, biotechnology and chemical radiation.

  • Manufactured according to GMP standards of the Ministry of Health

    BeinNUTRI blood sugar cinnamon tablets are manufactured according to GMP factory standards. GMP standard (short for Good Manufacturing Pratice) is a common standard in the production block for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries. This is a production standard of the Ministry of Health.

  • Use of plant capsules (Cellulose)

    BeinNUTRI® blood sugar cinnamon uses plant capsules (cellulose), which are made from cellulose (plants) This type of capsule is suitable for all kinds of ingredients, has no side effects to the drug, no potential health risks when used because they are manufactured from 100% plants and are non-toxic. Plant capsules soothe the stomach lining and make digestion easier and more effective than animal capsules (Gelatin).

  • Meets US FDA export quality standards

    BeinNUTRI® Blood Sugar Cinnamon is qualified for export to the United States.US FDA is the Food and Drug Administration or the U.S. Food and Drug AdministrationFDA is responsible for protecting and promoting health. public health through food safety regulations and monitoring, tobacco products, dietary supplements, and over-the-counter and prescription medications, vaccines, biopharmaceuticals, transfusions Blood products, medical devices, electromagnetic radiation from transmitters and veterinary products. To export FDA-controlled items to the US market, any exporter must follow comply with all of the organization’s strict requirements and standards and get FDA certification.

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